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Cool site feature

I was just writing a post when my screen switched to "Lithium ... site is undergoing maintenance..." message (or the like)


I dispaired that I'd lost my carefully crafted (wisdom infused) post and closed the browser tab to try again later.


Later came and I went back to the post to which I was replying, hit reply and was met with a message offering to restore my auto-saved message. I didn't know the system was auto-saving.


Cool! and Thanks!


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Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

Re: Cool site feature

Hi msabin,


Our apologies for the site maintenance screen. Our platform vendor had to perform an emergency server restart, and the community was unavailable for a brief moment. This type of emergency site restart is rarely done, and you should not see this type of issue recurring in the future.


I am glad to hear that you've found the auto-save feature helpful! 



Anton Chiang
Community Manager

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