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Does Aruba OS-CX have ZTP support?

Hello experts!

I was wondering whether the OS-CX has ZTP capabilities.


For instance, for the ArubaOS devices, I found a user guide which explains how to set ZTP via AirWave, or how to configure a DHCP server and a TFTP server if I wish not to use AirWave for pushing ZTP configs on ArubaOS devices.

However, for the OS-CX, I didnt see how this can be achieved.


Can you please let me know if you have any info/docs about that?





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Re: Does Aruba OS-CX have ZTP support?

Given the Aruba 8320/8325 and 8400X switch series positioning (Core Campus) and the fact that AirWave 8 can't (actually) be used to manage such series I really doubt ZTP features were implemented on actual ArubaOS-CX software releases.


There is Aruba NetEdit that provide coordinated/orchestrated switch configurations...but I don't know if those features are among what you call ZTP Zero Touch Provisioning or if those features can be seen as ZTP ones...maybe a mix of Aruba NetEdit and Aruba CX Mobile App can be used for a Low (but non Zero) Touch Provisioning experience on ArubaOS-CX...YMMV.

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Re: Does Aruba OS-CX have ZTP support?

Thanks for the reply!

I am famliar with NetEdit, but I blieve that it does not offer ZTP (At least not according to the documents and user guides I have about NetEdit)

So as it seems, there is no ZTP option on the OS-CX?
Good to clear this one up..

Thanks again for you inputs

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