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Guide for aruba switchs

Hi to everyone, this is my first post and came here because i have a big doubts. I adquire two switch and IAP 315 but when i try to configure throught web ui the thing it's a little strange for me. I try to configure a few vlan but when i try to check this and enter to the web ui again was not possible so i reset the switch. In the other switch i check the trunks and want to add ports to one trunk but the menu don't show anything.

My plan it's to do a few vlan throught the switchs and put the IAP probably with his one vlan but with the little i move i have big doubts so i wanna ask if some knows or have a good guide to do the configuration from zero because i can't find in the internet a good reference. I have some knowledge of networks


Thanks for your help.


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Re: Guide for aruba switchs

Hey hey glad you visited. 


What switch models are they and what code versions?

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Re: Guide for aruba switchs


The Aruba OS switch CLI organised into diff contexts or levels.

You can determine your current context from switch prompt, as below.

context                                CLI prompt

basic                                     switch>

 enable                                   switch # 

global configuration                  switch(config)#

other commands context            switch (context(example(vlan-1))#




configured the vlan for untagged traffic on a port   vlan <vid> untagged <int-id-list>

global configuration                               untagged <int-id-list>

enable a port to carry tagged traffic for specefic vlans



vlan <vid> tagged <int-id-list>
global config context tagged <int-id-list>

you want to see vlan after config

show vlan
show vlan port <int-id-list>

save with write memory


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Re: Guide for aruba switchs

Hey #RINO thanks for your reply the switch are:


Aruba 2930F 24G 4SFP
Aruba 2590 24G POE


And the IAP


IAP 315


THe idea is have the 2930F has a core and have some vlans to communicate between them and one vlan for the IAP. I try with the Web UI but i can get it. So if you know some videos or guide to follow or recommend use the CLI and where to start i can try.

Greetings and thanks.

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Re: Guide for aruba switchs



I would recommend using CLI.


for the switches CLI Guide, you can download them from Aruba website, you can state the switch and the software version and then download the documentation

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