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How can I subscribe to an entire board



I don't have airheads social as my home page (I know I know what kind of community member am I?) but I would like to be notifiied when there is a new question on the boards. Specifically I was looking at the MAS board as it is low volume and I can probably handle the emails.


However it seems subscribe is not an option I can select on that board (it's grayed out)


Is it possible? Can it be made possible? Can you do it for me behind the scenes?



Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

Re: How can I subscribe to an entire board

Hi turner,


The "subscribe" option you've discovered is indeed what you are looking for. It is greyed out because your community email address is not yet verified. To verify your email address, click on "My Settings" on the upper right hand corner of the screen, then click on the "email" sub-tab under "Personal Profile". Have the system send you another verification email, and click on the URL in that email to complete the verification process.


For more information on community email verification, please take a look at this article:



Anton Chiang
Community Manager

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