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How to start a new discussion?

Hello all


I am a new registered member of airheads. I dont see the option to start a new discussion under the discuss tab in airheads home page. Need your advise



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Re: How to start a new discussion?

Did you enter a forum before trying to create a new discussion?


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Re: How to start a new discussion?

Hello arunrulz,

I see you started a new thread here.  If you still need help in creating a new thread, here's some steps to help you:

  • How do I post a message?

    Go to the board you want to post on, and click the New Message link near the top of the message list.

    On the Post Message page, you will see a Subject area and a Body area.

    1. In the first field, the Subject field, type a title for your message. 
      This is the only part of the message that shows up on the message listing page, so try to make it something that will be clear and concise. Use keywords about your topic.
    2. In the second field, the Body field, type your message. Put details about your topic here. If you are posting on a technical topic, it is helpful to include all pertinent information regarding your inquiry in the body.
    3. You can use the controls to change the fonts, colors, and other aspects of your message. You can add smiley faces using the smiley menu. And you can format the text at the character or paragraph level.
    4. If you want, you can click Check Spelling to look for misspelled words, or you can click Preview Post to see what your post will look like on the boards.
    5. When you are happy with your message, click the Submit Post button. 
      Your message will be added to board and everyone else on the board will be able to read it.


  • How do I reply to a message?
Use the Reply button in a message to write a response to a particular post. You'll see a screen similar to the Post Message screen. There are a few differences:
  • When you reply to a post, the subject line will be filled in for you automatically. You can change it if you want.
  • You can use the Quote Message button to paste the message to which you are replying into the body of your reply.
Also, when you post a message as a reply, it will be added to the existing thread. It won't create a new thread.
Let me know if you need more help on this. :)
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