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Jumbo Frames - Juniper and Aruba

Good afternoon everyone,


I've been doing some research on jumbo frames and I'd like to get some more information from others. We recently upgraded our wireless environment and our contractor we used to assist of w/ initial configuration enabled jumbo frames on our controllers. 

At the time, that was the only place it was enabled until I figured it on the Core side. 


Currently we have it running partially in our LAN environment but we have some remote sites that may require jumbo frames enabled. 


From my understanding it's recommended that every interface/hop along the way needs to have jumbo frames enabled. The problem may be that our ISP doesn't support jumbo frames and if that's the case then it may be a all or nothing situation. I'm leaning more towards disabling on the controller. We have a 20gig lacp link between Core and controller so we have plenty of room. 


On the flip side everything is tunnelled from the AP to the controller which takes space away from the actual data payload of the packet because of the additional encapsulation. I feel comfortable with disabling it on our controller and core, but just wanted some additional input. 


Thanks for everyone help!

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