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Licencing for new AP

Hello everybody

I had reading the licencing guide for Aruba 8, but I don't get clear if I must buy additional licenses. My controller had 100 licences for 80 AP but if I buy new AP, should I buy "AP licence" additional to "MM licences". Thanks
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Re: Licencing for new AP

*Edit* Added link.


If you are running the controller in Standalone mode, you need enough licenses of each license to cover the amount of APs you have. You must ensure that all licenses (e.g AP, PEF, RFP) cover the amount of APs you have. 


For example, if you had 30 APs then you would need

30xPEF etc.


If you are using a VMM, then the MM licenses/hardware must cover all Controllers and APs in addition to AP, PEF etc.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Licencing for new AP

Thanks Craig

It's Clear for me.
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