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Multizone Resilience Question


I am doing some testing with the multizone feature. I have a cluster of controllers managed by a mobility master as the primary zone and a pair of standalone controllers configured for master/standby as the data zone.

Everything works if i point the datazone ip address to the real IP of the standalone controller. If i try to point the datazone IP at the vip of the standalones, it doesn’t work. Looking at the documentation online and on arubapedia it seems like you can only point at a single standalone. Is this correct? I need it to be resilient but cant have a mobility master controlling the datazone.

When i point the datazone at the vip i can see in the logs that the IPSEC tunnel is being built and then broken down every 10 seconds.

The AP is in the whitelist on both standalone controllers.

Any help would be appreciated.


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