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PArnter Center LMS Issues

Hello Everyone i have seen a problem with the LMS

Look i log in the LMS this way

  1. I log in the partner site
  2. From the partner site i go the LMS

When i go to the LMS here is where the issue start, i appear like if  i were not logged in like this




As you all see its like if i were not logged in


So now i need to clikc on my profile


And i get this error




Then i have to go agian to log in and well log in



Then everything seems to be okay like this




If i dont click on my profile to get the error and instead try to log in,  it just wont log in.... so i need first to go to my profile get the error and then go to log in.


It kind of bothers :P hope you guys can fix it




Project engineer
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