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Problem with putty window size and aruba 2530



So currently I have an annoying problem with putty and my aruba 2530.

I want to change the size of the window so I can see more lines in the window (also called rows). The default amount of rows that is visible is 24.

When I change it to 30 the window size gets larger, and I can now see 30 rows, but the extra rows are simply black, and everything I type will still show on the default last row which is 24. So nothing changed.

I'm not having this issue with Cisco. 


Anyone else have this issue?

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Re: Problem with putty window size and aruba 2530


this is when you are connected using serial connection?

For serial connection, you can change the number of lines with:

terminal length 60

And for the width:

terminal width 200


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