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SSO issue with HPE Networking Account and Aruba Sites

Hello Community,


maybe someone of you have a hint for me how can I login directly to Airheads Commnuity and


The issue is that I can not login directly with my Account (mail adress) to the Airheads Community and the support Portal.

At the moment the only way to access the Community and Support Portal is to click on the login button on the Airheads Commnuity Site and choose the point "Partner Ready for Networking Portal user?" after a successful login there I can access both sites. Is that the right way?


I've taken a look in to my Airheads Community Account and there are all Personal informations including Email Adresse empty and can not be updated by me. And the end of the site appears following message: "We are not able to retrieve the information. Please try later."


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