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Show IP address for ports HP2920 switch

I am trying to get which IP is connected to which port.  I know I can get the mac address for each port by using sh mac-address.

When I do a sh arp I only get 3 entries.  This switch is connected to the core which is also a stack of 4 HP 2920's (connected via 2 10GB links config as LACP)

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Re: Show IP address for ports HP2920 switch

If the switch is deployed as layer 2, that is expected as you will see ARP entries only where you have a layer 3 (routing) instance for the subnet. So you should be able to get the IP to mac mapping where you route the traffic, which is probably the core or a firewall.


One way to get IP information on layer 2 ports is to enable port-security, so 802.1X and/or MAC authentication. In that case, the command 'show port-access clients' will show more information, including the IP.


If the clients are dhcp clients, enabling the dhcp snooping option may provide ip-mac mapping as well for those clients.

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