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Streaming devices not predictable with Airgroups

I currently have a TAC case open for this. We deployed our newly aquired Aruba network this summer, but have not strayed from our historical use of a PSK and open network until we iron out all the kinks. The only thing left is Airgroups. The revised networks will be an EAP-PEAP authenticated network and a guest registered network. I truely do not see anything wrong with the configuration. With that being said, here is a sample problem;


   student.user = valid user of registered devices

   student.user2 = invalid user of said devices


I can register a device sponsered by student.user. In this case a Chromecast. This devices connects via the guest network. I can successfully set up the device. The setup required me to connect to the guest network to finish setup. Once finished the Chromecast says it's ready to cast. I log back into the regular network as student.user. Now here's the first of the problems;


    It takes a while before I can see the device in the Google Home app. Maybe 20-30 min. When I can finally see it I can use it. Then, if I log into the regular network (eap-peap auth) on the same device as student.user2 I can STILL see/cast to the device. The same with any other user that is able to log on to the network. Then, sometimes no one can see the Chromecast on said device. 


Is there a time interval configuration I'm overlooking that would take a while to discover/forget devices? I've had some engineers fairly high up on the totum pole stumped. 



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