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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Welcome to the Community Feedback board

Welcome to the Community Feedback board! This discussion forum is dedicated to user questions and feedback related to the Airheads Social community software platform. Here's a list of  reference resources to help you get started with Airheads Social:


New User Getting Started FAQ - New to the community? Read me first


Community Platform Online Help


[VIDEO] How to register for the Airheads Social Community


[VIDEO] Subscribing to an RSS Feed


Subscriptions: Email and RSS


Marking an Accepted Solution


What are Kudos and How Do I Give Them


Adding a Signature


Private Messaging Another User


Setting Up and Using Macros


Quoting a Post


If you have a technical question regarding an Aruba Networks product, please post it in one of the appropriate Aruba Products forum.

Anton Chiang
Community Manager

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