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When Community Forums Are At Odds With Official Company Message

I'm struggling a bit to wrap my head around the frequent contridictions in certain community forums. For example this thread has "VIP" community members answering a pretty important code question as if they represented the company (to the untrained eye, you gotta dig a bit to see they aren't company engineers), but in a way that really isnt in line with the company message. This is just one of many examples. Does Airheads do any policing/QA of the forums here to make sure contrary/confusing messaging isn't being forwarded  to customers looking for answers?

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Re: When Community Forums Are At Odds With Official Company Message

Lee Badman,


There is an "Alert a moderator" button below each post so that users can report anything they see is wrong.  What happens more than often is that a user responds to the forum later that the advice did not work, and it is worked out publicly.   Users are also encouraged to open a TAC case in parallel to their post and post the outcome.  With that being said, whether your should upgrade to X or Y should involve multiple sources, preferably one that knows your network.



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