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new 2015 (greenish) layout feedback

so the last change was only a while ago and we already get another one.


the colors and fonts are pretty nice in my opinion. what i dislike a lot, and i believe this was already shown to be disliked by others also after the last change, is the huge waste of space.


i add three screenshots to show my point, so much space is taken by banners, in my opinion wrongly sized related solutions / discussion. also resizing the browser doesn't seem to help the thread section is fixed in size.


screenshot main overview, there is pretty much no info there anymore, you don't see any thread, just the huge label icons and on this page there aren't even many of them. i do understand the labels, but i do wonder how many people use them as a filter. seeing how often questions are posted in the wrong board i wonder how well the labels are selected.


screenshot threads overview, already multiple people didn't like the four lines per thread. now you extend it with more and more whitespace around it. i get only five! threads on one page. sure blame my resolution and / or font size but this isn't a good view in my opion.


screenshot thread. again much wasted space, on the whole you get max 2 messages in one screen, sometimes even just one. again bad sizing on the side.


other users please chime in and give your opinion on the new layout. the previous one was changed on some points based on feedback, so be sure to speak out.

Re: new 2015 (greenish) layout feedback

I do dislike this new style as well. It makes it that much harder to read topics since there are no seperation of the written boxes.

It all just blurs into one big white space. No thanks! Also, it makes it harder to rest your eyes on.

Please do something. Make it grey boxes like the "Related Solutions".

The old forum was not a winnter in terms of style. But it was hell of a lot more user friendly then this one to read the information of.

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