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2015 Airheads Community MVPs


Every year, the Aruba Airheads MVP program selects exceptional individuals who have been recognized by our organization for their expertise, participation and contribution to the Airheads Community.

We would like to thank two special individuals who have progressed the community more than we could have imagined. Their hard work and expertise has earned them a new designation in the Community as Airheads Guru Elites. Thank you Cappalli and CJoseph. 

MVP Guru Elites

  • cappalli
  • cjoseph

MVP Gurus

  • victorfabian
  • tarnold
  • clembo
  • Michael_Clarke
  • NightShade1
  • SethFiermonti
  • pmonardo
  • Jamie E
  • Marcus

MVP Experts

  • kdisc98
  • madjali
  • gstefanick
  • thecompnerd
  • sperez
  • jhoward
  • rgin
  • dannyjump
  • jsolb


  • koenv
  • boneyard
  • ngutri
  • boston1630
  • tsd25108
  • Constantin
  • The.racking.monkey
  • Ryan
  • msabin
  • neela
  • Arunkumar
  • arjan_k

Thank you all for supporting, progressing, and improving our community. Without you guys, this community would not be what it is today!


Have a great year ya all!

This fourm is the best tech-knowledge fourm,I'm in love of this form since day 1.

All users and MVP's that out there , keep up the awesome work we all doing here. 


After all... Knowledge is power , and Aruba is A magic force = power + magic force just giving us endless possibiltes!





Congraluations :-)

Super Contributor II

Congrats to all the MVPs!

New Member

Gratz to pmonardo & Constantin!!! You make us proud!


Also, congratz to everyone on the list!


I knew IT!!! Cappalli has his own mvp level, and well collin is with him which he deserve it as well,  you two guys do help the forum a lot.  Thanks to all the MVPs and congrats!!!


 Nice to see I made the cut this year also :)


Congrats all - and a happy new year full of Aruba wifi to all!


Amazing list. What a year 2015 is going to be for Aruba and family!


Pleased to see the number of gurus has been expanded.  Well done everyone.




Congratulation and thank you for the help :)


Congratulations to all those who continue year in and year out to support this community.....and welcome to those that are newcomers.


As for Tim and Colin; not much to be said.....except........When do you guys sleep!?!?!?!?!

Guru Elite

 Who needs sleep ;)


Well done everyone. It's great to see the community continuing to grow.

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