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Airheads Challenge Game- Conference Edition Winners!

Retired Employee genieki
Retired Employee

Join us in congratulating the winners of the 1st Airheads Challenge Game!

There was fierce competition for the Airheads Conference Las Vegas 2013 edition of the game in March. Which community members landed on top of the coveted leaderboard, you may wonder?!

So, finally we offer you the much anticipated RESULTS!  The community members who were the most proficient in answer questions related to Airheads Conference 2013 were… Drum-roll please…. !

1st Place winner is Mark Lewandowski (13,149 points)
Mark wins a beach holiday in Hawai’i

2nd Place winner isRyan Hayes (12,886 points)
Ryan is a lucky winner of Two Aruba IAP-105 Access Points

3rd Place winner is Stobbe_s  (12,663 points)
Stobbe_s wins an iPAD with Retina Display 

4th Place winner is Terry Stockman (12,620 points)
Terry gets a choice of either an AppleTV, Fitbit One, or Skull Candy Headset

5th Place winner is clembo (12,557 points)  
clembo also gets a choice of either an AppleTV, Fitbit One, or Skull Candy Headset

Thanks to everyone for playing in March.  The Airheads Challenge Game will be back soon with a new set of games and chances to win prizes. Stay tuned!

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