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Airheads Expert Day – What topics would you like to discuss?

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[Update] Thank you for your feedback. Please see this post for event details and final list of topics.


Our community management team is in the process of planning an Airheads Expert Day community event, and we would like to hear from you on topics you’d like to discuss. An Airheads Expert Day is an event when Aruba TAC team members and other expert employees hang out in Airheads Social to answer any technical questions you may have related to the event topic. Discussions will take place in the familiar forums user interface, and event content will be archived in the community to benefit future users.


Please leave a comment below and let us know what topics you are interested in. We are aiming at kicking off the first Airheads Expert Day event around mid-July. Watch this space for additional announcements!

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Wifi offload...

There are almost no info about this besides the solution brief!

We need more info about this :)

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Hotspot 2.0 and Clearpass integration possibilities


- arm finetuning, the do's and don'ts, what are the most important settings and how/when to change them

 - via troubleshooting



- It would be great to know how to do a 802.11ac AP deployment vs 802.11n deployement 

- Passpoint 

- Best practices to obtain best results when using Client Match on AOS 6.3

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I agree with all of the posted comments. Also, in terms of Airwave:


1. Getting the most out of an Airwave install.

2. New features in Airwave 7.7

3. The best Reports and triggers for enterprise and service provider networks. 

4. Best system tweaks to tune up an Airwave install.

5. What Aruba has learned from some of their best Airwave customers.





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In Brazil companies began to adopt 802.11n recently, while manufacturers are already releasing 802.11ac products. Therefore, with this development, I wonder predicting lifetime for 802.11n.


Agree with everything here.


In terms of Airwave, boston1630 is bang on but I would also add how to properly spec and size an Airwaver server which serves large hotspot customers who have thousands of unique clients daily.


Walkthrough of the new features in AOS 6.3 from everyting to ARM, Client Match, etc..

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Tips and tricks are always useful. 

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Since the move to 2048-bit certificates and intermediate certificate authorities……


In an 802.1X environment with IAS/NPS for RADIUS and certificates issued by top tier CAs (Thawte, Verisign, etc), client devices (that are not enterprise managed) are getting “Not Verified” messages about the certificate when they connect for the first time. Is this a case of the devices trying to do some type of OCSP check, but not being able to get out until they pass the 802.1X authentication? Is there a procedure that allows their devices to verify the certificate and not get this message?

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