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Airheads Newsletter August 2014

August 2014

Let there be Labels! 
We are always working hard to improve the Airheads Community. Over the last few months we have been putting together an Airheads refresher. This refresher includes many cosmetic updates, new features, and enhancements. We are scheduled to update the Airheads Community Aug 30 - 31st. One of the new features is the introduction of hot labels above every discussion board. This will give you easy access to articles tagged with that label.


 Hot Labels

You have probably already noticed the migration of the Support Knowledge Base and Support Documentation. If not check out the links. 
Other improvements include the addition of a few new side widgets:
  • New Solutions
  • Related Solutions
  • Related Discussions
  • Related Knowledgebase Articles
  • Related Software Downloads
  • Related Documentation
  • Live Chat


Becoming Mobility Certified

This month, the Becoming Mobility Certified series is focusing on the Aruba ACCP certification. We encourage anyone striving to achieve the certification turn to the Airhead’s Community for practice test questions tutorials and study tips.

August Mobility Hero Contest

This month for the mobility hero contest we are following the Becoming Mobility Certified event and want you guys to create some tutorials or share some knowledge with the community. These tutorials are limited to ACCP topics to help in studying for the certification. Like always the tutorial or document with the most kudos wins the prize for the month. Post your submission today!

Prizes for this month's Mobility Hero Contest are:

  • 1x 7005 Cloud Services Controller
  • 1x Instant AP (IAP) 225
  • 1X Instant AP (IAP) 205

July Mobility Hero Contest - Top Tutorials

Last month, it was a very close race! We had several good tutorials and educational documents submitted and many kudos received from the community members. Top 3 submissions were as follows:

  1. NightShade1 - Wireless Roaming & Clientmatch - July-MHC - 29 Kudos
  2. mbonadie - Planning and Design: Rip and Replace best practices July-MHC - 27 Kudos
  3. ngutri - Troubleshoot User Authentication with CPPM  - 24 Kudos

Technology Blogs

Be sure to check out the most popular technology blogs below.


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