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Announcing the 2013 Airheads Community MVPs!

Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

We recently celebrated the First Anniversary of Airheads Social, and what a great year!  Our community has continued its strong growth as we integrate all aspects of the community program; Airheads Social, Training and Certification, Events and MVP.  Thank you to all our Airheads for your continued interaction and commitment to the community.


As we start 2013, its time to announce our first full year of MVPs.  We began last year with our Pioneers, and now we expand the MVP list with our latest inductees.  MVPs are exceptional individuals chosen based on their contribution on Airheads Social, participation in Aruba events, Aruba certifications and other achievements. Please join me in congratulating:








For all the MVPs, you will receive a personal email explaining the next steps of this membership, including your discount for the upcoming Airheads Conferences.


Please join us in congratulating our 2013 MVPs by leaving a comment below!


Want to know how to become an Airheads MVP? Check out the program page here.


Aruba AirHeads - Powered by Community!


Everyone - keep up the good work - sharing knowledge,solutions,info & tips in order to put some Air into our Heads :)



Retired Employee

Congratulations! You guys rock!



Occasional Contributor II

Congrats everyone! Very much deserved. :)


- Larry

Retired Employee

Thanks for making Airheads a great place to hang out!


This place is awesome and thank you again for the honour of being an MVP

Contributor II

Congratulations to all the MVPs!  You've all definitely earned it.  :smileyhappy:


Nice Thanks for choosing me as Aruba MVP :)

Will keep trying helping the community!




Super Contributor II

Great job everyone! Congrats to all the new MVPs!  :cathappy:

Guru Elite

Awesome, guys!  Great to have you all!

Super Contributor I

I'm humbled by the recognition. Thank you!


I am happy to be able to contribute to the same community that has helped me on countless occasions over the past few years.

Regular Contributor I

Thanks for the kudos. Happy to give back. This has been an incredibly valuable resource.

Super Contributor II

thanks for the nomination!

Regular Contributor II

Cool.  It's an honor.  I'm just happy to have the community and a place to get information and share ideas.

Frequent Contributor II

What a honor :smileyhappy:

Community Manager

Congrats all. Remind me to get you a drink next time I see you at an Airheads event!

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