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Announcing the Pioneer Airheads MVPs!

Retired Employee genieki
Retired Employee

Hello Fellow Community Members,


The Airheads MVP program is a yearly selection process, however to kick start the program we have selected the first ever MVPs, who we call the Pioneers.  The Pioneers are exceptional individuals chosen based on their top contributions and activity in the previous Airheads Online Community. 


Please join me in congratulating the first Airheads MVPs!


MVP_Guru_Grey.pngDavid Dipert   ddipert
Ryan Holland  
Brian Hubert   bhubert 
Alexis La Goutte   alagoutte
Mike Narine   mnarine



MVP_Expert_Grey.pngMike Gallagher  
Zach Jennings    
Gordon Tan   gordon
M.T. Tran  
John Treml  
James Whitehead  



MVP_Standard_Grey.pngBill Carr   billcarrjr
Jake Cornford   The.racking.monkey
John Gapinski   jgapinski
James Vaught   james.vaught
Eliasz Zurawka   ELiasz




Airheads MVPs personify mobility, wireless networking, and security professional excellence.   They actively engage in the community and share their knowledge in the online forums as well as at events. We’ll be telling you more about our MVPs…Stay tuned for video testimonials about our MVPs to be posted soon. 


Kind Regards,


Community Manager


Want to be an Airheads MVP? Learn more here!

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Retired Employee

Congrats to all!  Glad to have you in the community!

Aruba Employee

Congratulations to you all, and thank you for your active participation in the Airheads community it is greatly appreciated.


Best regards

Chris Spain

Community Manager

2012 MVPs!


Congrats - very excited to have all of you in our community :)




Please note that Zach Jennings is now employed by Aruba Networks and has been converted over to an Aruba Expert. Congrats and welcome Zach!

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