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Aruba Community Update

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The Airheads community has undergone a facelift. 



The update brought the introduction of "Hot Labels". The community has trended toward user "friendliness". The introduction of the labels has grouped all topics related to a specific topicinto a central easily locatable place.




Airheads has joined with Aruba Support to centralize all of your Aruba needs. Now you can download support documentation, AOS software, VRD's, and veiw tutorials all from the Airheads community. The traditional Knowledge Base is still around it has been rebranded under Support. 


Support is now Airheads.PNG


Extras in the redesign include some new widgets on the right of the page to aid in quick navigation of the community. ne of the more interesting feature is the Extrodinary Members widget. This highlights the top contributing members in the community. Im going to try to get on that list.


Let us know what you think! 



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