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Creating and Viewing Support Case from Airheads Social

Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

We are pleased to announce several exciting new features connecting Airheads, Aruba Support Center and Partner Center.  If you have a valid support contract with Aruba Networks, you now have the ability to submit a new support request, view and update existing support cases from the Airheads community. After logging into Airheads with an entitled Single Sign-On account, you will see three new buttons on the right hand column of the community home screen.


3 buttons.jpg


The “Create Case” button allows you to enter a new support request directly from the community. After the case creation window opens, type your question in the subject line. A list of search results from Aruba Networks’ Online resources (Airheads, Support Center and Corporate Website) will automatically appear. Click on the search results to see if they provide relevant information related to your question. If you are unable to find a suitable answer in these search results, simply complete rest of the required fields and click on “Submit” to enter your support case.


create case gsa.jpg




The “View Case” button allows you to view existing support cases under your account. Clicking on this button will take you to either the Support Center or Partner Center (depending on your account entitlement status).


 support view case.jpg

View Case In Support Center


partner view case.jpg 

 View Case in Partner Center



The “Download Software” button will take you directly to the Support Center software download area:


download software.jpg




In addition to these new features, you may now submit a support case directly from your community post. A “Create Case” button will appear on the upper right-hand corner of your post if it has not yet received a reply after 48 hours. To forward your post to the support team, simply click on “Create Case”, fill out all of the required fields and click “Submit”.


escalate case from thread.jpg



You need to access Airheads with an entitled email address in order to take advantage of these new support integration features. To change your Airheads email address to an entitled company email address, click on the “Activate Support” button on the right hand column of the community home page.


A pop-up screen will appear, asking you to confirm your decision to change your account email address:


activate support pop up.jpg



Click on “Update User Information” and update the form with your entitled company email address.


update email.jpg



A confirmation email will be sent to your new email address. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email to complete the process. After logging out and logging back in with your entitled email address, you will be ready to use these new support integration features in Airheads!


We hope you enjoy these new support integrations. Please leave your feedback and questions in the comment section below.

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nice tool

Thanks ALC

Regular Contributor II

I don't see the Create Case/Update Case or Download Software. But when I go to  while logged into Airheads, I get logged in.

Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

Hi jcameron,


Please check your PM.




Super Contributor I

The after-48h-create-case feature is nice, however it only opens the case with the subject equal to the post topic/title. The body of the post is not forwarded into the case automatically. That information (and any attachments) should definitely be included . . .

Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

Thank you for your feedback Ryan. I will forward it to our developers.

New Member

Thanks : D

New Member

I can't find the "Create Case", "View Case" and  "Download Software" buttons on page. And I got deny in access to "Download Software" page on What I doing wrong?

Frequent Contributor I



Is there a link on " How to retrieve serial numbers for amigopod and controllers"?

Pls share.

New Contributor

My IAP 135 shows the following error at the console:


asap_user_update_stm_bridge_user : Stack IP is 0


and the radios cannot come up even after factory reset.

Please help.

New Member

Test Case

Occasional Contributor II


New Member

 have AP105 on my network,


-gateway is


-dns servers




I configured a static ip on one of the aps172.31.82.10 and also configured it as a dhcp server.




I put the distribution on L2 and “other dhcp modes” on local, the clients get the right range of IP addresses but they can not connect back to the servers, they just connect to the AP but I can ping




What am I missing in my configurations for the clients and the ap to connect to the servers?




New Contributor

Good night!

this is my first post, and I appreciate the help.



one controller Model OAW-4604 Version:
After 21 225.
Shed 2 levels 50metros x 60 meters "very APs" near the airport

4 SSID, the voice and video.
WPA-PSK tkip

802.11a Basic Rates 18-56
802.11a Transmit Rates 18-56
802.11g Basic Rates 18-56
802.11g Transmit Rates 18-56

RF Optimization Profile> RF_Optimization_Profile

Station Handoff Assist ok
RSSI Falloff Wait Time 4 sec
Low RSSI Threshold 130
Check RSSI Frequency sec 3

Guru Elite
Hi, what are you looking for assistance with? Also, please create a new topic.

New Member

Can i use lighting arrestors to ground the AP-270 or do i have to run #8 AWG cable back to the electrical panel?

New Member

Dear Team


we are not able to connect with my Aruba AP 205 first time. When we trying to configure Aruba the defult SSID is not broadcasting.


We will be greatful if you could provide the solution on Priroty basis.



Sandeep Sharma


New Member

Create case does not work, nor does it provide a errror message about why it will not create a case.  


I have started a thread on the subject here:


I have opened a TAC case by other methods and will post notes to the thread as I get them from my case.



Occasional Contributor II

Will AP-220-MNT-W2  mounting kit  block Kensington security slot at AP 215?

Frequent Contributor II



I need change my email on my account setting but seems like is readonly.



New Member

I Would like to update firmware for Aurba A93 Series and A 205. My Current version of Firmware is How do i download firmware manually. 

New Member

I am using on guard client version running windows 7 enterprise x64 bit.


Realize that the on guard client will have intermittent issue authenticating, what was observe was when the issue happen; wired NIC card icon show on "Network Connections" will keep flasing "Authenticating". 


We are using eap-tls for authetication. 

Guru Elite
Please create a new thread.

Sent from Nine
New Member

How do I post to community?  I just recently created a profile and need to get help from fellow Airheads.

Not applicable

@GBrun DM'd you

New Contributor

 Hello every one,


I need soem help.

I have the problem. I was recovery startup configuration and lose some MAC address on internal DB.

What's problem for this case?


Thank you very much!

New Member



I am newbie of Aruba Cloud, I have assigned IAP into group, but in the group cannot see any IAP in Access Point page, what I can do ?



Occasional Contributor I


I am running the Aruba3600 on software - everything works fine. I have a windows 200R2 network with clients authenticated by a Windows Server and then assigned an IP by the same Windows DHCP server. My problem is that each time I upgrade to any operating software above at least half my clients start to experience problems receiving an IP address. The moment i roll back to everything is fine again??? 

Guru Elite
Please create a new thread.
Occasional Contributor I

I am new - how do I do that?


Not applicable

On the home page for the community you can ask a question. This will create a post for you if an accecptable  solution isnt found. You only need to select the board for the post to reside. In this case it will be the wireless access board

Guru Elite
Discuss > Wireless Access > Start A Topic
Occasional Contributor I

Thanks Jamie!

Occasional Contributor II

about training...the video entitled "networking fundimentals" which is part of the must have training

leading up to the ACMA is not functiong ...there seems to be a bot on that site...can this issue be resolved

New Contributor

Hi aruba


    Help me please.


I cannot import file patch 2 in cppm 6.6. because error process after upload file than not complete.



Thank you

New Member

how i open a case

New Contributor
How to assign a VLAN from a list of vlans to users based on their roles? For instance, faculty get assigned ip addresses from a pool while students get assigned from different pool. Also the DHCP is a windows 2012 sever. We use the captive portal to authenticate users; the authentication servers are ldap. We use aruba 7020 controller. Is this possible?
Guru Elite
Please create a new thread in the appropriate topic discussion forum.
New Contributor

Is it possible to apply L3 mobility between Aruba Cluster and Alcatel- Lucent Cluster


I can not find the "create a case" buttons, and my email to disappeared (no bounce, and no autogenerated case reply) 

Has the process changed?

Not applicable
Yeah, we have transitioned to a new support system. Everyone with a support contract was contacted regarding the change. We are in the process of updating the "How to" and it (create a case button) will return once complete.


Jamie Easley
Community Administrator| ACMP, CWNA, Security + | Southeast
M: 786.766.8650 | @Jamie_easley
96 Craig St. Suite 104 | ELLIJAY, GA 30540

Airheads Community <> | FOLLOW US | Twitter<> | LinkedIn<>
Occasional Contributor I

So there is no way to view/edit tickets in the interim?

Not applicable
Every thing is still in place, the system changed is all. If your email was tried to a support contact you received instructions on the course of action needed to carry on as usual and view all your cases and access support.

Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
Occasional Contributor I

For those like me who probably deleted the email thinking it was spam go here:


You might have to reset your password


Frequently Asked Questions


I've got my new case opened at the new HPE page, and I can view it, but I'm not seeing my case history, nor my open cases. Prior post stated that 'Every thing is still in place' but I don't have links to the old system saved anywhere - I've been using the buttons on the Airheads Community page (which aren't in place) 

Jamie, can you get us a set of links for history until the future gets here?

New Member

Hi All, 

Need help. I have 3 AP -->i will use 2 AP for broadcast signal and 1 AP for dedicated Air Monitoring (AM), WIP (for jamming other SSID).

As I know, we will need 3 LIC-RFP, 3 LIC-PEF, 3 LIC-AP  to activate the feature. And not only 1 LIC RFP, can you explain more about this?

is it only the AP as dedicated AM will jamming other SSID or is it all of the AP will jamming other SSID?


Thankyou and regards,


New Member

Hi Support,


i have win10 and iphone7 connect with WPA2-enterprise (AD login) issue, my controller is 7010 with OS_70xx_6.4.3.4_51619. currently using ternimation connect with win2008 radius server.

i want to know if i upgrade to lastest OS version (ArubaOS_70xx_6.5.0.4_58404) can solve win10/iphone7 cannot connect issue without configuration?




Occasional Contributor II
jimmy cdheck your certificate settings on your devices thats ussually a
easy place to syart
Occasional Contributor II
jimmy cdheck your certificate settings on your devices thats ussually a
easy place to syart
New Member

Try to update W620 to the, but constantly message to less disk space (70MB Needed).. I got 68MB free.


No other files left on the flash.. deleted all logs and crash information. But still not possible..

What can I do to get our WIFI be operational again? (Certificate is expired) and our customs certificate isnt accepted.. So want to upgrade to the newest 6.4.x.x version.


PLEASE help and advice.

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