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It’s that time of the year again! Our #ArubaAirheads have put their roadshow hats on and are prepping Airheads Meetups close to you. Aruba’s local SEs together with our marketers have been working hard to prep days of tech content and some fun!


Everybody is invited - join an event close to you.





Where: Barcelona, Spain

When: 26 March 2019

Registration Closed







Where: Madrid, Spain

When: 27 March 2019

Registration Closed







Where: Stavange, Norway

When: 26 - 27 March 2019

Registration Closed





Where: Sintra, PortugalAirheads_Meetup_Events_1116x595_Lisboa.jpg

When: 28 March 2019

Registration Closed Now






AirheadsLive_Meetup_Events_1116x595.jpgWhere: Amstelveen, The Netherlands

When: 11 April 2019

Register Now




Where: Ankara, TurkeySoMe_ Ankara-April.jpg

When: 17 April 2019

Register Now






Airheads_Meetup_Events_1116x595_Denmark.jpgWhere: Aarhus, Denmark

When: 7th May 2019

Register Now






Where: Lyngby, Denmark

When: 9th May 2019

Register Now






Why attend?

Hear from past Airheads Meetups here.Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 10.41.54.png



New Member

 When in Italt

y ?


Heya @prosoft- we are trying to plan some in Italy as well.

It may be during next year though.

New Contributor

Are you planning to Hungary too?

New Member

where can i get the presentations from the meetup in darmstadt?

MVP Expert

Is there a scheduling for Italy too during 2019? nice to see that central/north europe have some would be great to see at least one date in Italy too.

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