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February 2014 Newsletter


We are hosting over 1,000 mobility engineers from different industries at Airheads Conference this year, and cannot wait for the keynote sessions by several of our customers. Register today to join us on March 12th in Vegas!


Latest additions to the conference agenda include:


Mobility Hero Contest Winners

Congratulations to the top tutorials from our Mobility Hero Contests. Be sure to read their tutorials if you have not already! 


January Mobility Hero Contest

1st place: Performing a remote Wi-Fi survey by @Constantin

2nd place: Derivation roles for workstations by @yopianus linga

3rd place: Airwave root password recovery by @cdelarosa


February Mobility Hero Contest

1st place:  Using CPPM To Manage Controller Login @ngutri

2nd place: Video Tutorial - Instant to Airwave @Jamie E


March Mobility Hero Contest Prizes

The author of the tutorial with most kudos will get to choose one of the following prizes!
- A free ticket to Airheads Conference in Lake Maggiore, Italy (June 9-13)
- A complete set of Aruba Networks gear for a home lab 
  • 2x Aruba Mobility Controllers
  • 2x IAP-225
  • 3x IAP-115 
  • 1x IAP-275 
  • 1x S2500-24P 
  • 1x AirWave 25 networked device license (no hardware)
  • 1x ClearPass Enterprise 25 mobile device license (no hardware)
  • Full array of licenses for controllers.
- A collection of mobile device gadgets and accessories (standby for a full list)


Wireless Field Day 6 & WLAN Pro Summit

We had a blast hosting the Wireless Field Day 6 delegates at Aruba's Executive Briefing Center. Shortly after, Aruba participated at the first WLAN Professionals Summit with three speakers. It was one of the best events we have had the chance to sponsor and connect with many members of the wireless networking community. Be sure to check out the videos from these events!



Featured Technology Blogs 

30 Random Technical Thoughts by a Wi-Fi Engineer

Highly popular blog by George Stefanick (@my80211) covering a variety of technical topics on RF engineering and wireless networking. 


Outdoor 802.11ac Wi-Fi That Goes Fast, And Looks Good While Doing It

At #WFD6, Aruba announced the industries first enterprise outdoor 802.11ac access point. This blog by Christian Gilby (@get11ac) summarizes what 270 series access points pack inside their cool packaging! 


That's it for now. Next month, we are looking forward to have you all join us at the Month of Mobility

-The Airheads Team

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