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Are you interested in joining @partha and the rest of the keynote team on stage in Las Vegas at Atmosphere? Here is your chance to join in the get in on the fun.



We need to show off how Airheads can solve all problems regardless of the circumstances rather it be in your network, remotely, or on stage during the keynote.


If you think you could handle the task and tackle some app based switch provisioning let me know! Drop in a reply below if you want in on the action.


Also, while you are at the event be sure to take part in the Airheads Photo Contest. Do you have a lab? Do you need to start one? Here is your oppritunity. All you need to do is trace-route your way through the Airheads Photo Contest to win an IAP303h.




Here are the steps to complete the contest.


Take a selfie or picture in these places:

  1. Airheads Member lounge
  2. Customer Appriecation Party
  3. With an Aruba product OR from the Innovation zone
  4. With another Airhead member (and tag them)
  5. In a breakout session 

Create a post here containing your pics.

  • That is it! 

Be sure to check out the T&Cs

New Member
Sure, I defiantly come in this event.
Community Manager

Thanks to @mrtwentytwo , @Victor Fabian, and @charliepdean for representing the Airheads Community on stage and taking part in the live product demos.IMG_20190403_090811.jpg

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