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New Community Feature: Reply by Email

Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

Some of our community members have told us they'd like easier ways to quickly respond to forums posts. We've recently implemented a new "reply by email" feature, and we hope that it will enable you to rapidly participate in existing forum topics. In short, this feature does exactly what it says: it allows community members to reply to a subscribed thread via email.  A "reply" link is now included in the community subscription email:


reply by email.jpg


To reply to the thread with your email client, just click on the reply link. You will notice that the "to" address consists of a long encoded token. Simply write your reply in the email body and click on send. Once the email is delivered, it will be posted to the corresponding thread as a reply automatically.


To make better use of this feature, you may want to change your community subscription option to include the full post body (the default setting only includes the subject line). For more information on Reply by Email and subscription options, please take a look this Tribal Knowledge Base article.


Does "Reply by Email" make it easier for you to participate in Airheads Social? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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