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New Community Feature: "Me Too"

Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

Happy Holidays Everyone!


We've recently introduced a new community feature allowing users to quickly vote on topics and solutions. You may have noticed a button called "Me Too" now appears under forum topics:


metoo 1.jpg

The new "Me Too" button



This new feature is a quick way for community members to vote on a topic without having to reply to the thread. If you have the same question, simply click on the "Me too" button to let the community know:


metoo 2.jpg

The UI shows how many users have clicked on the "Me Too" button



The "Me Too" button also appears under Accepted Solutions:


metoo 3.jpg

Me Too button under Accepted Solutions



If an Accepted Solution also answered your question, you can quickly validate the answer by clicking on the Me Too button:


metoo 4.jpg

Me Too allows users to vote on Accepted Solutions



We hope this small addition to the community platform will help you quickly vote on topics and validate community solutions. Let us know if you find this feature useful by leaving a comment below. 


Good feature thanks!

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