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Weekly Highlights 01/08/2014

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Hello fellow Airheads!


The Airheads Social team would like to recognize new Accepted Solutions within the community for this week. This will provide you with a list of solutions that your fellow Airheads have been posting. If you find any of the following Accepted Solutions helpful, please help recognize the solution by giving it a Kudo!









We hope that you find this information helpful!


Displayed below you will find one of the great ideas being posted by your fellow community members, be sure to check them out! If you see an idea that you like, please support the idea by giving it a Kudos!



If you have an idea of your own that you would like to submit or to view more ideas from previous weeks, please visit the Idea Exchange section of the community.


To mark a reply to your topic as the accepted solution, look in the lower right corner of the post and click on "Accept as Solution".  For reference, see the following image.  Please note: you can only mark replies to your own topics as the accepted solution.


UPDATED Accepted Solution.png


 When posting an issue on the community, please be sure to mark the post that resolved your issue as an “Accepted Solution”! 


- Your Airheads Social Community Team


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