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Hi everyone, Sean here to wish you Happy World Wi-Fi Day! Let’s talk about what World Wi-Fi Day means, the digital divide and how my life would be without access to the Internet.


You might ask what is World Wi-Fi Day? World Wi-Fi Day is a worldwide initiative organized by the Wireless Broadband Alliance under the leadership of the Connected City Advisory Board to help bridge the digital divide. The push is to help connect the unconnected.


“Ok, Chief, so what is the digital divide?” You may have never thought about the digital divide, but I believe the single biggest thing that sets people apart in the world is their access to the Internet. The digital divide is the gap between the people who have and use the Internet and the people who don’t have access to the Internet or just simply don’t use it.


World Wi-Fi Day is about Wi-Fi because it’s one of our most used Internet access methods. To me, World Wi-Fi Day initiatives represent more then just Wi-Fi. It’s about helping others around the world become connected.


Just think of all the benefits being connected gives us: insight, helps with finding jobs, taking trips and finding locations, working remotely, accessing digital and social media, and the knowledge to do anything! Without Internet access, you’re at a big disadvantage.


I couldn’t imagine a life without Internet access. It has to be rough being on the other side of the digital divide, cut off from family, jobs and knowledge. Even worse than that, think about going every day with Internet access, then suddenly not having it. What things in your day would you have to do differently? Would it be a struggle to accomplish your everyday tasks?


Let’s take a look at my day and see what would happen to me. First off, I wake up every morning at 6:30 a.m. via Google Home and a few Philips Hue lights that turn on automatically. Since both are controlled via my online profiles, I guess I wouldn’t get up on time.


After checking emails on my phone (oh wait, I couldn’t), I head over to my Withings scale to see if I lost any weight. I would be able to see my weight and heart rate, but it would no longer be logged in my app and I would need to write it down if I wanted to keep track of it.


So, here I am at 6:35 in the morning, and already four things aren’t working. As I hop in the shower, I ask my Google Home to play the news or stream music. I guess I will start this day less informed.


On the way to the gym, I usually stream music so that is out of the question. Once I get to the gym, I track my workout with an app on my phone, heart rate monitor and step tracker as well as stream music. I would have to break out my CD player—if I could find it. My step tracker and heart rate monitor would still work, but like my scale, the data wouldn’t be logged.


OK, so now it’s 8:30 a.m. and it’s time for work…but wait...My whole job is via the Internet. Hurray! I get the day off.


Anyway, this is just a small example of how my life is connected to the Internet. I could talk all day about all my other Internet of Things devices that wouldn’t work anymore. Don’t forget all the apps we use to make our lives more efficient like Chromecast, Moleskin Smart Writing, Wunderlist for to-dos Evernote for note-taking, slow cookers, security cameras, door locks, applets from IFTTT, and more. They wouldn’t work either.


How would I communicate and keep up with my friends and family? I would need to go back to calling or texting them daily just to see what they are up to. No more access to Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and other messengers.


The absolute biggest thing I would miss would be the ability to ask Google. My phone occasionally dies while I am out and about, and that’s the time when I come up with millions of questions for Google. Access to the Internet gives me a sense of security and knowledge. With Google, I can know everything about anything. Without it, I feel inadequate, hindered and less informed.


I shared my story. Now share with us how your daily life would change without access to the Internet. Would you totally collapse and cry? Hide in your room all day? Or simply go about your day like nothing has changed, happy to live in a pre-digital age? I look forward to seeing your responses.


Remember, like always, keep sharing and keep caring. 


PS: If you have any questions about the tech I use and how I use it with IFTTT, just ask :-)

MVP Expert
MVP Guru

Ok Chief, here's what wouldhappen with my day:


I'd wake up just fine as my 7 month old daughter takes care of that! (She's not Internet connected...yet). I'd head off to the gym but sadly without any music as I strem all my music, always.


On return from the gym I'd say "Good Morning" to my Google Home to get the latest latest news and a reminder of my adgenda for the day. Oops, this would fail.


Sitting down to have my breakfast now.. I'd put some music on my Sonos. ARRRRGH!


Working from home today so sat at my desk. My digital photo frame wouldn't be working as it pull images from Google Photos. No Internet, so no remote sessions, no Airheads Community, no Twitter, no webinars, no online training! Looks like a day off for me too! How about we meet at the pub for lunch? I'll whatapp you when I get ther.. DOH!



Frequent Contributor I

Same as above... Except my 7 month old only can sleep with white noise audio.. and that is streaming from Google Play .. and I probably forgot to hit 'Download offline all tracks in library' so this would stop playing ... Ergo she wakes up like a bolt  of lightning .... And thus I'd wake up a hell of a lot earlier than @jrwhitehead... *facepalm*...


In essence Wi-Fi is lyf.... :/ :)


It's like a day without sunshine... A very bad day....


Internet for me it's like a windows to the world and a entrance of a global knowledge.



Frequent Contributor I

And notably... On the topic of my daughter and Wi-Fi as the preferred access medium.....

I found an aging/dried sultana wedged in my RJ45 jack of my laptop... Goes to show you how often that's used..  lol

MVP Expert

You guys are cracking me up lol! HAHAHAHA 


Here's my short list:




- I'd have to actually talk to my wife.
- Chosen a different career path - probably something like Biology or Chemistry - or whatever was considered the up and coming / cutting-edge career choice.
- Throwback to the days of dial-up, all my AOL CD coasters wouldn't exist.
- Pay for cable TV which was dropped since there were so many streaming options (netflix, hulu, hbo go, etc).
- Would never know what the 'fox says' -
- My jokes wouldn't have memes to go with them.
- Would never have wanted a mobile phone. If I recall, my first Nokia was only used as a pager, for texting, and snake - though I said I needed it for 'emergencies'.
- Need to restart assigning someone as the DD when going out (uber/lyft).
- Actually go out to the store to buy diapers and gifts (amazon).
- Panicked and gone ape**** without all the newborn parenting websites to calm me down.
- Seen so many bad movies (imdb, rotten tomatoes).
- Never have found the 'good' restaurants (yelp).
- Missed booking last minute anniv reservations last week (opentable).

Frequent Contributor I

Yeh... And let's be honest... Who really wants to talk to the wife... 




:/... She has Wi-Fi and has access to my phone.. she'll see subscribe noti's to AirHeads posts in my inbox... click on it at the top of my inbox.. and see this post... Blasted Wi-Fi.

MVP Expert

If I woke up and there was no Wi-Fi, my reaction would be...



......And I would go back to sleep. :-D

MVP Expert

No WiFi - I could cope although my cell data charges would go way up.

No Internet:

  • I'd have to dust off the hundreds of books I still own, but never open
  • I'd have to dig through the garage or attic to find the DVDs, video-tapes, audio-tapes and vinyl stores there and hope their respective players still work.
  • I'd have to buy a new disctionary
  • I'd have to re-subscribe to the newspaper and several magazines
  • I'd have to reconnect the cable and phone companies
  • On the other hand, my home network would be secure again
  • The data harvesters would know a whole lot less about me

I like the last two points almost enough to consider cutting off the Internet, but I think I'd rather not reconnect cable and telephone more.

So I'll keep my Internet thank you!!

MVP Expert

I'd toddle off to the gym as usual at the crack of dawn, only to be berrated by my kids as soon as I walk back in the apartment as I am not honoring the 24x7, perfect all the time, high-speed Internet SLA that I must have signed in blood with them some time in the past (forget 7 month old babies .... try teenagers) .


I'd probably then sit down and have a cry as my mobile phone would somehow chew up 8GB of data plan usage in 30 minutes.   It always leaves me wondering how mobile operators actually categorize data usage, hence I love being on wifi!

Wake up in the morning and immediately have relations with the wife, instead of checking my email first. Then get up and have a nice, relaxing breakfast, drink my OJ, and look out at the mountains on the front porch. Then take the dogs for a walk. After that, maybe a morning ciesta. Then workout, go for a ride, head to the mountains for a hike. Come back home for lunch. Take an afternoon nap. Wake up and walk the dogs, and then put the ribs on the smoker for 3-4 hours. Then invite neighbors and friends over to have ribs, potato salad, slaw, cornbread, etc...because I worked my ass off today. Then I would check if the internet is back up before going to bed. "Network's down, going for bagels"
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