Aruba Networks Technical Support Case Guideline

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This document will outline steps to help customers and partners obtain efficient technical

support from Aruba Networks.


The information requested presumes that the problem situation does not prevent the
information from being obtained, for example – it is not possible, or expected to gather
CLI information from a controller, which cannot be powered on.


Troubleshooting procedures


It is expected that responsible technical personnel have executed basic problem
determination process before contacting Aruba Networks support. Steps may include, but
are not limited to:
• Examining syslog and/or SNMP trap server logs
• Examining WebGUI or CLI information to isolate the symptoms
• Examining change management records to identify if symptoms began in
conjunction with IT or environmental changes
• Consult ArubaOS documentation and Release Notes to determine if like
symptoms may be fixed by Software or firmware updates


Requesting Technical Support


An effective technical support case should contain the following.


Effective Problem description
The problem description should contain a concise statement of the symptoms:
• What does not work?
• Where does it not work?
• When does it not work?
• How does it not work? Frame loss, association problem, does not boot, etc.
• Comparative good/bad examples. This one works but that one does not.
• Isolate the symptoms. Are certain APs, controllers, clients, and times of day,
what’s common to the symptoms?


Qualifying Questions


• When were the symptoms first reported?
o Date/time or event.
• What changes to possibly related IT or environmental components coincide with

the 1st occurrence?
• How often do the symptoms occur?
o Daily, every few hours or every Friday at noon.
• How long do the symptoms last?
o Constant, 3 seconds, 30 minutes or 4 hours.
• What components are common to the symptoms?
o AP, controller, client?
• Are the symptoms reproducible at will?
o Can we provoke the symptoms by performing this action?
o Are the symptoms reproducible in a lab environment?


Product Technical Information


When opening a technical support case, please provide as much of the following
information as possible. Best option is to submit these via Customer Portal (CP) or
sending them directly to the assigned engineer. CP is on Aruba Networks Support Site or
directly via
• Serial Number of affected unit(s)
• “tar logs tech-support” files
• “tar logs crash” files
• Network Diagrams
• Relevant sniffer traces Relevant statistics (CLI, WebGUI, Airwave, etc.)


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