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How to Create and Reply to a Topic

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This TKB details how to create a new topic and reply to a post.  It also offers some tips for creating a new topic and a guide detailing all the options available to you when composing your post in the Rich Text Editor.



How do I create a new message?

Go to the board you want to post on, and click the New Message link near the top of the message list.




On the Post Message page, you will see a Subject area and a Body area.




  1. In the first field, the “Subject” field, type a brief description of your topic. This is the only part of the message that shows up on the message listing page, so try to make it something that will be clear and concise. Use keywords about your topic.
  2. In the second field, the “Body” field, type your message. Put details about your topic here. If you are posting on a technical topic, it is helpful to include all pertinent information regarding your inquiry in the body.
  3. You can click “Preview” tab to see what your post will look like on the community.
  4. When you are happy with your message, click the “Post” button to submit your post. Your message will be added to the forum and will be viewable by the community.


How do I reply to a message?

If you want to write a response to a particular post, you’ll want to reply to the post.  To reply to a post, navigate to the post you want to reply to and click the “Reply” button found in the lower right corner of the post.





Once you click the “Reply” button, you'll see a screen similar to the Post Message screen. There are a few differences:




  1. When you reply to a post, the “subject” line will be filled in for you automatically. You can change it if you want.
  2. You can use the “Quote” button to paste the message to which you are replying into the body of your reply.

When you post a message as a “Reply”, it will be added to the existing thread. It will not create a new thread.




Rich Text Post Editor Guide





  1. Message Subject - Enter the subject of your message or topic here. This field may be populated with “Re:” and the subject of the topic / message you are replying to.
  2. Bold - Bold your text.
  3. Italics - Italicize your text.
  4. Underline - Underline your text.
  5. StrikethroughStrikethrough your text.
  6. Spoiler Tag – Use this option when posting spoilers to something in your post, as to not spoil it for someone else.
  7. Insert Code – Use this option when adding a block of code to a post that you want to appear in a scroll box.
  8. Paste from Word – Use this option to paste content from Word so that no extra code is transferred with the content that may change the format or look of the content.
  9. Insert Emoticon – Select from many Smiley Emoticons to display your feelings toward a topic or discussion.
  10. Insert Hyperlink – Use this option to insert hyperlinks in your post.
  11. Insert an Image – Use this option to insert images in your post.
  12. Insert a Video – Use this option to insert a video in your post.
  13. Numbered List – Create a numbered list in your post.
  14. Bulleted List – Create a bulleted list in your post.
  15. Font Type – Specify a font type for your post.
  16. Font Size – Specify a font size for your post.  Please be aware that using a very large or very small font can make posts very difficult to read.  Please be responsible when selecting an appropriate font size.
  17. Font Color – Specify a font color for your post. Please be aware that using very bright or very dark colors can make posts very difficult to read.  Please be responsible when selecting an appropriate font color.
  18. Message Body – Type your message here.
  19. Spell Check – Use this option to check the spelling in your post before posting it.
  20. Quote – Use this option when replying to a post to quote the post you’re replying to.  This makes it easier for everyone to know whom you are replying to.
  21. Macros – Allows you to insert pre-determined macros in your post.  This option may not appear if you have not specified any macros.  You can setup macros by going to “My Settings” and clicking on the Macros tab.  The Macro title is only visable by you and is used to describe the Macro.  The Macro body is what will be pasted into your post when you select the specific Macro.
  22. Subscriptions – Checking this box will subscribe you to your post or topic.  When subscribed the forum will email you when there are new replies to your post or topic.
  23. Tags – Use this option to tag your post. A tag is a word or words used to describe your post.  For example this TKB post could be tagged as: How To, Creating a Post, Replying to Post, Tips, Guide, Rich Text Editor, How to Post, How to Reply.
  24. Attachments – Use this option to attach a text document to a post.
  25. HTML Editor – Clicking this tab will take you to the HTML Editor, which accepts plain text and HTML code.
  26. Preview Post – This option allows you to preview your post before clicking the “Post” button.
  27. Cancel – Cancel your post by clicking this button. 
  28. Post – Post your topic / reply to the forum by clicking this button.
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