How to Personally Float Your Favorite Boards

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This article details how to personally customize the board list so that the boards you enjoy most are at the top of the list.



To personally float a board


By floating boards, you can customize your forum experience to make it easier when checking your favorite forums.



(Figure 1: standard board view)


Navigate to the board you want to float and open the board.  Select “Board Options” and “Float this Board to the Top”.



(Figure 2: Board Options: Float this board to the top)


Navigate back to the discuss tab and at the top of the forum list you’ll see the board you floated is now also displayed at the top of the community.  This newly floated board will only appear at the top of the community for you and not for anyone else.



(Figure 3: Displays 2 boards floated to the top of the community listing)


We hope you enjoy this quick and easy tip on how to float boards for faster access to the topics you enjoy most!

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