How to Report Inappropriate Content to a Moderator

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If you see a post in the community that violates the Community Terms of Service , you can “Alert a Moderator”.  Likewise, if you see a post on the wrong board, you can “Alert a Moderator” to request it be moved to another board. 



Reporting Inappropriate Content to a Moderator


If you see a post that violates the Community Terms of Service or you need to alert a moderator about a specific post, click on “Alert a Moderator “.  You can find the option to “Alert a Moderator” in the lower left corner of every post.




You may want to “Alert a Moderator” to a specific post if someone is spamming, advertising, posting inappropriate content or if the user posted his topic on the wrong forum and it needs to be moved to a more appropriate forum.


After you select “Alert a Moderator”, you’ll be taken to a page that allows you to leave a note for the moderator giving the reason you’re reporting the post for review.  Once you’ve composed your note, select “Notify Moderator”.




This sends a note to the moderator letting them know why the post was reported for their review.  The moderator will then check the post and take any necessary actions.


Alerting a moderator to violations in the community helps the moderators discover posts violating the Terms of Service quicker, allowing them to edit or remove the content much faster. 


The moderation team appreciates everyone’s help in keeping the community a productive and friendly environment for everyone!

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