AMP-Tip: Change AMP's IP Address in UI or CLI

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If for some reason you need to change the IP address of your AMP, here's are some simple steps to follow:


1. Plan ahead 

     Plan out the IP address you'll be assigning to AMP.


2. Get updated license

     Since your AMP license is tied to IP address, go to and get an updated license key ahead of time.  If you're unable to get the license key from there, then send an email to


3. Commit change

     Make the IP change on your AMP.  The rest of the article will describe the quick way to make the change from both UI and CLI.


4. Apply new license key

     Go to Home -> License -> replace license key -> Save -> re-accept licensing agreement.


5. Update other network devices

     This is commonly the most forgotten piece of this process.  First thing is make sure the network firewalls have been adjusted to coincide with the change.  Second, if you've got your controllers sending traps to AMP, you will need to update the setting on the controller.  Third, double check that firewall.




Making the change from the AMP GUI


1. Go to AMP Setup

2. Go to Network

3. Update network information

4. Save






Making the change from the AMP CLI


1. Login to CLI as root (or root privilege user)

2. Run the 'network_setup' script

     # network_setup

3. Apply and commit changes


[root@QARob mercury]# network_setup

------------------ Primary Network Interface Configuration ---------------

1) IP Address :
2) Netmask :
3) Gateway :
4) Primary DNS :
5) Secondary DNS :

9) Commit Changes
0) Exit (discard changes)

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