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AMP-Tip: Hide 'View Device Credentials' link from Manage page

Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

If for some reason you need to hide the link that shows the 'view device credentials' link on the manage page, here's a quick run through on how to accomplish this:


1.  The before -> any device's manage page



2.  Making the change

         Login to AMP CLI

         # dbc 'update seas_config set hide_secrets = 1;'


3.  Refresh that manage page, it should now look like:


*Note - others can still blindly change the settings by accident, be careful who you give access to your AMP.



To reverse:

# dbc 'update seas_config set hide_secrets = 0;'




It's a good practice to do this if you have any users who disable the AMP GUI Idle Timeout.  It's also suggested if you make use of AMP as a dashboard that is readily available when you walk in the door.  If you have suggestions on how to improve this feature, please add it into the Idea Portal on

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