AMP-Tip: Want Canned Daily Report Definitions?

Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

When you first install AMP, it comes with 20 pre-defined 'canned' reports.  Over time, someone can accidentally delete a definition or two.  Here's how to reclaim the lost report definitions:


From the CLI:

# cat /var/airwave/license/license.txt

(copy output to a notepad file)

# rm /var/airwave/license/license.txt


From the UI:

-Login to AMP

-paste back in the license key


-accept to the Licensing Agreement


On the Reports Definition page, you should see the 20 Daily reports in addition to any pre-exhisting reports.




If you end up with duplicate definitions from this event, remove the duplicate definitions that do not have a 'Latest Report' link to prevent double reporting.

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