AP 135 in a warehouse?

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In a warehouse which has a height of 9.40 meters, will an AP 135 with downtilt antenas reach with good signal to PDTs on the 5ghz band? 


The AP is facing down to the ground where the PDTS and the users are.


Both the AP105 and the AP135 have built-in downtilt Omnidirectional Antennas and would provide ground coverage at 9M on the 5ghz band.


Please take a look at Chuck L's Warehouse Presentation at Airheads here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/aruba/attachments/aruba/tkb@tkb/92/1/Airheads%20Barcelona%202010%20-%20RF%20Design%20for%20Retail%20Warehousing%20Manufacturing.pdf  It is the definitive guide as to how we approach warehouses and distribution centers at Aruba.  It will give you additional considerations about what you should look for when deploying in a warehouse.  Mounted at that height in open space, RF travels much further than in a regular office building with obstacles.



AP10X, AP13X and AP22X are all good to as much as 40m of height.


Due to the directionality of the antenna pattern, the beamwidth points straight down in a cone shape.   So your gain is roughly the same no matter where you stand in the beam.


Obviously free space loss comes into play, but at typical warehouse/DC heights with this pattern we still deliver near maximum data rate at ground level.


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