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Aruba Activate is a cloud-based service that helps provision your Aruba devices and maintain your inventory.


For network administrators with experience deploying Aruba infrastructure, installing and configuring one or
two individual APs is a relatively simple and straightforward process. Provisioning APs in a large corporate
network is also a straightforward process, accomplished via ArubaOS Layer-2 discovery, DHCP or DNS. But
what if you want to install an AP at a branch office or remote site where no network administrator is available?
Or what if you need to deploy several APs all at once? A simple solution for this type of deployment is
Aruba Activate.


Activate automates the provisioning process, allowing a single IT technician to easily and rapidly deploy devices
throughout a distributed enterprise. When your company orders a new access point (AP) from Aruba, that
device is automatically added to your inventory in Activate. Once a device is in your inventory it can be
automatically or manually associated to a folder and provisioning rule. A remote technician only needs to
connect the Instant AP to the Internet, and that device will securely connect to Activate, retrieve its
provisioning information, then use the provisioning information to connect to its configuration master
(controller or AMP) and update its configuration. This entire process takes less than ten minutes and requires
no human intervention, allowing for true zero-touch provisioning



You register on Activate using your email, name and an Aruba PO or serial/mac for your AP. Especially for partners who use Central in MSP mode it's important to get this done correctly. Your Company Activate acount can only reference one Central account, so do this correct the first time. Check with TAC if you're not sure.


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