Backing up your AirWave backups

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Each night, AirWave makes a backup of all of the data necessary to restore a new system in case of a failure, but those backups don't do much good if your disk fails with the lone copy of your backup files!


In addition to standard enterprise backup software (and the AirWave Failover product), there's a simple way to have AirWave copy backup files to another server if you're comfortable navigating the command line. If you create an executable script or application at /var/airwave/custom/post_nightly_maintenance, your tool will be run each time AirWave's nightly backup process concludes. You might use scp or another program to copy the backup to another server or another mounted filesystem. 


Anything you install into /var/airwave/custom will be included in backups (and therefore restores). 

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