CLI command for finding all iPhone MAC addresses

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We're in the process of testing DHCP server on Windows 2012 and we'd like to start using policies to give lower lease time to mobile devices.  I figured that since we are now running 6.1 and we have device profiling/fingerprinting setup, I should be able to pull a list from our airwave database by device type and give me a list of MAC addresses.  Once I get this, I can then summarize and get a list of the OUIs and give me a good idea of Apple IOS MACs (since they don't give them out).


Anyone know which cli command I would run to get this, something like


select device_type, mac_address from ? where device_type like '%iphone%' or device_type like '%iPad' or device_type like '%ipod%'


This command from the cli would probably give you what you're looking for:


# dbcsv "select device_type, mac from client_first_last where device_type like '%iP%'"


If you still want to see all of the tables in the database, you can log into the database console with the "db" command and do "\dt" to see a list of tables, or "\d <table_name>" to see a table's schema. "\q" would get you back to a bash prompt.

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