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Configure Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) the easy way

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Aruba has two types of stacking on the switches above the 2530/2540:

  • Fabric stacking (2920,2930M,3800,3810M)
  • Virtual Fabric Stacking VSF (2930F,5400R)

VSF is simular to IRF on the Comware switches.


Below is a short instruction to setup VSF. The speed needed as a VSF link is different per switch, lookup the minimal speed needed in the switch manual.



  • (config)# vsf member 1 link 1 A24
  • (config)# vsf enable domain 1


  • Made sure the switch has no configuration (has the factory-defautl config), connect a port on the second switch to the VSF port on the first switch. The second switch should enable VSF and add the connected port to the VSF link automatically.


You are done!

Attached more information.


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