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Generated Sponsor Confirmation email - Change the Click here link

Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee


We are using the default options for the sponsor email confirmation.

In the email there is the "Click Here" which brings the sponsor to a page to do the confirmation of the

guest account.


The link that is generated is based on the "hostname" of the CPPM. Unfortunately, our commercial cert that is loaded in the Apache of the CPPM is registered with a different domain name so when the link is clicked we get the warning about the cert not being valid.


Is there a way that I can modify the auto generated link to use the domain name in our commercial cert and now the hostname of the server?


I noticed under the "Sponsorship Confirmation" section there is the "UI Overrides" option. Is this how I would accomplish it?


The email that is sent to the sponsor for confirmation is a print template.


You can edit this link by going to Configuration » Print Templates » Sponsorship Confirmation » Edit.


The default is as follows:


<a href="{'guest_register_confirm.php'|NwaGetAppUrl:false:$u.require_auth}?{if $u.source}gsr_id={$u.source|rawurlencode}&{/if}token={$u.register_token|rawurlencode}" target="_blank">click here</a> to confirm or reject the request.


You can change the highlighted part to specify a different server name:


<a href="{if $u.source}gsr_id={$u.source|rawurlencode}&{/if}token={$u.register_token|rawurlencode}" target="_blank">click here</a> to confirm or reject the request.



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