Interesting tables in the controller's SNMP MIB

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There is a wealth of data available in the MIB on a controller, and it's extensively documented in our MIB guide (available with each software release). Here's a quick example to show how we can learn about a client connected to an AP on a controller. 


For this example, we'll be using the command-line snmpwalk utility. See for more details. The basic format of the command is this:

# snmpwalk HOSTNAME -v2c -c COMMUNITY OID


If you've put the Aruba MIB files into the right place, you can use the human-readable label for most OIDs (like wlanAPStatus) instead of the numeric one (like . 


wlsxWlanAPTable has status information about all of the APs connected to a controller, including the name, network addresses, uptime, and AP group assignment. This table is indexed by the AP MAC address. This is similar to the information in the CLI for "show ap database long". 


Let's assume that your controller's hostname is controller and you're using public as your community string. You would run snmpwalk this way:

# snmpwalk controller -v2c -c public sysLocation

The output would look like this:

SNMPv2-MIB::sysLocation.0 = STRING: Aruba Networks


wlsxUser6Table has information about the "users" on the controller, indexed by both client MAC address and then IP address. One client might have multiple IP addresses. In addition to the username, firewall role, and connected AP (the "location"), nUser6DeviceID displays the HTTP User-Agent string that the controller and AirWave use to determine the type of a client device. You can see the same data in the CLI with "show user-table". 


For details about the 802.11 association, see the wlsxWlanStationTable. This table includes the client's connected BSSID, channel, and signal to noise ratio (wlanStaRSSI). 


Here's an example for a specific user. For a client MAC address of 00:26:BB:1C:0C:DB, we have to first write the MAC address in decimal form because the tables we're using are indexed by physical address, and the commandline snmpwalk tool requires that OIDs be written in dotted decimal format. This MAC address works out to


We can walk wlanStaRSSI. to find that the user's SNR is 37 dB. 

# snmpwalk controller -v2c -c public wlanStaRSSI.
WLSX-WLAN-MIB::wlanStaRSSI.'.&?..?' = INTEGER: 37


Walking nUser6ApLocation. tells us that the user is connected to the AP called 1341-AP05, and nUser6Name. reveals the username. You'll also notice that this table is further indexed by IP address. 

# snmpwalk controller -v2c -c public nUser6ApLocation.
WLSX-USER6-MIB::nUser6ApLocation.'.&?..?'."" = STRING: Lobby-AP1
# snmpwalk controller -v2c -c public nUser6Name.
WLSX-USER6-MIB::nUser6Name.'.&?..?'."" = STRING: jason


In order to get information about the AP, we need to find its MAC address. So we walk wlanAPName to see a list of all of the AP names, and then we can identify the OID to use to get more information about the AP from the wlsxWlanAPTable. You may have noticed in the output above that the OIDs are displayed in text form instead of numeric form, so we'll use the "-On" modifier to snmpwalk to see the numeric OID. From that, we find that the MAC address of the AP is (in decimal), which we'll use to find out more about the AP. Walking wlanAPModel. tells us that this is an AP-105. wlanAPUpTime. shows how long the AP has been up. 


# snmpwalk controller -v2c -c public wlanAPName -On | grep Lobby-AP1
. = STRING: Lobby-AP1


# snmpwalk controller -v2c -c public  wlanAPModel.
WLSX-WLAN-MIB::wlanAPModel.'????I:' = OID: ARUBA-MIB::ap105
# snmpwalk controller -v2c -c public wlanAPUpTime.
WLSX-WLAN-MIB::wlanAPUpTime.'????I:' = Timeticks: (13134800) 1 day, 12:29:08.00


Please feel free to ask on the AirWave forum if you have any questions!

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Hi.  This is a great post.  

But I"m missing a few things:


One: I need the ESSID the users is connected on

Two: What happened to the MIB documentation.  It used to list the values (i.e.. nUser6IsWired of 1 = Wired, etc.)








where can we get MIB file for Aruba 7010 & 7005 can some one send the link

@satish.alambara did you look here: not sure what OS version you are using, but that should work.

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