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Moving a building from one campus to another in AirWave VisualRF

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Has anyone tried moving a building from one Campus to another Campus without having to redo all the steps? I am using the Standalone version and have tried to manipulate the xml files and images to get a building from one Campus to another.


Here are the steps to move a building between campuses in VisualRF:


VisualRF has 2 Campuses - both named US. Each campus has 1 building, buildings are named First, Last. We want 1 Campus with both First and Last buildings.

1. Make sure the campus names are unique
Right click on the campus you want to rename, and choose Edit. Update the "NAME" field.
Ex. You have 2 campuses named US, in order to differentiate, rename one of the campuses THEM. Now we can tell the difference between US and THEM. Campus 1 is US, with building First. Campus 2 is THEM, with building Last.

2. Navigate to the campus you want to move the building out of.
EX. Left clicked into THEM. We now see building Last.

3. Move the building.
Right click on the building you want to move. Choose the Edit option. Update the Campus the building is associationed to.
EX. Right clicked on Last. Selected Edit option. From the pull down, set Campus to US. Now, THEM campus has no buildings.

4. If empty, delete the extra campus
Using breadcrumb shortcut, jumped to Network.
Right clicked on THEM, selected 'Remove' option.
EX. We now have 1 Campus: US with 2 buildings: First and Last.

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In Airwave 8.0.X.X you will need to switch to Java before you can make edits then switch back to HTML5.

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