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OpenDNS Deployment Checklist

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While deploying OpenDNS is usually as simple as making a small configuration change to your external DNS, there are a few items that you should consider before getting started to ensure a smooth deployment. You’ll find instructions for handling these and other issues in the attached guide.


Public IP Address

·      OpenDNS applies filtering settings based on the public IP address of your network. We’ll need to know your network’s public IP address before you can enable filtering settings through OpenDNS.


OpenDNS and email

·      Some users worry about the effect OpenDNS may have on email. A common question is “If I send email to a blocked domain, what will happen?” If you run your own mail server, take note to bullet number four in the prelaunch checklist.


Flushing DNS Cache

·      DNS cache is a performance-enhancing feature used by Internet browsers, computers and DNS servers to store the results of recent DNS queries in order to increase the speed of future DNS queries. When applying OpenDNS web filtering and security settings to a network, it is often useful to clear the DNS cache immediately afterwards to facilitate the new settings taking effect. Since caches store results (pages) for recent queries, new settings may appear not to work until those cache results expire or are cleared.


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