Orphan Node Recovery on MeshOS



How do you recover a node that is no longer in the mesh (orphaned) after a configuration change?


The device is down on AirWave or MeshConfig or show mesh links does not list the link to the orphaned node. 


As we all know pushing configuration changes to a mesh network is tricky especially when the mesh topology is not that stable. MeshOS 4.3 introduced a new feature called Orphan Node Recovery (ONR) that will help with just that. ONR enables the user to get a mesh point back if it has lost link with others by misconfiguration. The recovery of the orphaned node can be initiated from any neighboring node in the network as long as the SNR is greater than 15 (is able to communicate at the physical layer) and it is running in backhaul or WDS mode.   The mac address needed to recover an orphaned node can be ethernet or radio mac or a VAP.  The mac can be obtained by using AirWave or MeshConfig tool or from the mesh inventory database. Since the neighboring node tries to reach ONR on every channel it does not matter what channel is configured on the orphaned node. Please note that the orphaned node and the neighbor node must be running MeshOS version or higher.


The two commands introduced with this feature are “orphan-recovery mac <Ethernet/radio/VAP>” and “orphan-reboot mac < Ethernet/radio/VAP>”.


Once this command is issued, the neighbor node sends the configuration which includes Mesh ID, encryption among other things to the orphan node. The orphan node on receiving this configuration deletes its config related to mesh, enables the desired features like AWR, sets some mesh parameters like Mesh ID etc. The device is then rebooted and it will try to join the mesh network with the new mesh settings just as during bring up.


User gets feedback on the failure mode (success or failure)  after running the command and they can use that information to fix the issues.



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