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VMware Wireless Bridging

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One of my systems guys is trying to use a bridge setting in a VMware host. He claims it works at his house. it is supposed to place the MAC address of the virtual client on the physical wireless interface of the physical machine, in this case it is a Mac laptop. I used wire shark to sniff the air and was only able to detect a dhcp conversation involving the physical MAC address of his laptop but did not detect the virtual MAC address which is supposedly bridged onto that wireless interface as well. Has anyone had any experience with this?


Have a similar issue - but with Parallels. The wireless network that the laptop is accessing requires WPA2-PSK and MAC authentication. Bridge mode does not work - not seeing the virtual MAC on the list of wireless client and the guest OS is not getting a workable IP address. Shared (NAT) mode works - but the host PC is then not reachable from the rest of the network, which causes issues with some network services. Ideas / suggestions appreciated.


Problem Solved:
We are running a home grown netreg system. We added the virtual MAC address into the netreg system and it now works.

The virtual MAC address is not visible in the air to Wire Shark, the virtual MAC address is not visible to the WAP/Controller. I also did not find the virtual MAC address in the routers arp or mac-address-table. In fact the only place I find the virtual MAC address is where I added it manually in the dhcp.netreg file. That file is sucked down via mysql to radius, and it is from radius that the Controller knows how to auth users. The funny thing is again it is only the physical mac address that appears now twice in the Aruba, it is associated with two IP address. So some how the association of the virtual and physical mac addresses are carried over the network, but are not visible to the WAP, router, or in the air to a sniffer.

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