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Why you should always enable AMON on your Aruba Controller when you use Airwave

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**PLEASE NOTE: This articles assumes that all devices are already added to Airwave successfully with valid SNMP credentials and are NOT in the "New Devices" list.


If you are monitoring your Aruba Controller Network with Airwave, you SHOULD always have AMON turned on.  Here's why:



- Spectrum information, like discovered non-wifi interferring devices is only transmitted to Airwave over Amon:


*Spectrum Information requires that access points are put into Spectrum Mode or Hybrid Spectrum Mode.  Spectrum Analysis requires the RFProtect License  Also it is advised to only run hybrid spectrum mode during active troubleshooting.. 


- Access Point Channel Utilization information like Channel Busy, Interference, Receiving and Transmission time is only transmitted to Airwave over Amon: (search for access point> click on radio and you should see this graph).



- Client statistics like goodput and client association rate (speed) is only transmitted over Amon. This also allows the latest versions of Airwave to present RF performance statistics by folder.  (in Airwave, click on Home> RF performance to see this graph).

- Clients associating and leaving the user table are updated to Airwave more frequently via AMON vs. every 5 or 10 minutes via SNMP polling.  In ArubaOS 6.2 and above you can also observe how frquently the station statistics are sent. with the "show mgmt-server message-counters process wms" command.  You will see less lag between when a client associates and when it shows up in Airwave.





Okay.  So how do you configure Amon?


1.  Configure your Aruba Controller to send Amon statistics to an Airwave server using the "mgmt-server type amp primary <ip address of Airwave Server>" command on the commandline ( ONLY).


EDIT:  Please note, that as of ArubaOS the format of that command has changed and now you have to define a mgmt-server profile first to send that information to airwave:  You need to define a profile, configure what type of stats you want sent and then turn it on:


(3600Controller) config t

(3600Controller) (config)mgmt-server profile default-amp <----------Define Profile

(3600Controller) (Mgmt Config profile "default-amp") #?
clone Copy data from another Mgmt Config profile
location-enable Station RSSI/AP Neighbours enable  <----  Send Location Info
misc-enable AP System Stats/Spec Dev/Station Steer Info enable   <------- Send ClientMatch Stats
monitored-info-enable Monitored AP/Station Info enable  <------  AP Station Info
monitored-stats-enable Monitored AP/Station Stats enable <----------  AP Station Stats
no Delete Command
sessions-enable Firewall DNA/App/Aggregate Sessions enable  <----------  Send Firewall Data
stats-enable Radio/VAP/Station Stats enable  <-------  Send AP radio Info
tag-enable Tag enable 
voiceinfo-enable Voice Call Record enable

(3600Controller) (Mgmt Config profile "default-amp") #stats-enable
(3600Controller) (Mgmt Config profile "default-amp") #sessions-enable
(3600Controller) (Mgmt Config profile "default-amp") #misc-enable
(3600Controller) (Mgmt Config profile "default-amp") #location-enable

(3600Controller) (config) mgmt-server type amp primary-server profile default-amp  <------Set the server and attach the profile


2. On the Airwave  Under AMP Setup> General> Additional AMP Services, make sure the "Enable AMON Data Collection:" option has a Yes radio button selected next to it.


3.  Make sure that if you have a firewall between your controllers and your Airwave Server you are allowing the PAPI protocol or UDP 8211 in both directions between them.



In addition, in ArubaOS 6.3 if you enable Application Visibility on the controller (config t firewall-visibility) and you are running Airwave 7.7 and above, you will also be able to visualize application traffic in realtime, as weill as historically in Airwave:



Last but not least, in Airwave 7.7.0 and above, under AMP Setup> General > Additional AMP Options you need to enable the following options:




More information on additional settings to get the most out of Airwave is in the AMP AirWave and Aruba Best Practices guide on the support site here:


Airwave Documentation





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Which page are you on that you have the tabbed header for the radio?  I have the drop down menu on the radio statistics page but tabbed looks a lot smoother. 



Is there a report that can be run to see a list of all interfering devices per AP?



The latest version of Airwave, 7.7.x and above have the dropdown instead of the tabbed header.  This article was written before that release.

My controller has the mgmt-server line, but no entry for "default-amp" -- what are the default settings when there's no profile?

Hey msabin, this seems like default but also this profile only exists on the master and not any of the locals.

It seems as though you can run the following command on the local

(CMN-CAONTORO-32B14-CTR02-WLN) (config) #show running-config | include mgmt-se
Building Configuration...
mgmt-server type amp primary-server profile default-amp


but when you try to navigate in the profile, you get this

(CMN-CAONTORO-32B14-CTR02-WLN) (config) #mgmt-server profile default-amp
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


Default without touching the default-amp profile is below.


(CMC-CAONTORO-20D06-CTR01-WLC) #show mgmt-server profile default-amp

Mgmt Config profile "default-amp" (Predefined (editable))
Parameter Value
--------- -----
Stats Enabled
Tag Enabled
Sessions Enabled
Monitored Info Disabled
Monitored Stats Disabled
Misc Enabled
Location Enabled
Voice Info Disabled


I have a few questions:

1) Is there a way to get a list of devices monitored using AMON from airwave?

2) When I configured AMON on master controller, the mgmt-server profile got pushed to locals but "mgmt-server type amp primary-server <airwave_ip> profile <profile-name>" command did not sync.  Why is this?

3) Can I get more detailed explainations of what these options do and the expected CPU load when enabled: tag-enable, monitored-info-enable?






How do you turn AMON on in Instant? 

After reading this article and playing around trying to get AMON working on my Airwave VM, I found that this was all I needed (also I am running 6.4.something on my controllers)


mgmt-server type amp primary-server <AMP IP address here> profile default-amp


I ran that on my master and all of my locals and within a few minutes I was getting all kinds of great data!!!!


I hope this helps someone!


AMON is not available for the instantOS yet

Hi Colin, 


Great writeup but is it a bit a dated? AMON usage has been expanded with Clarity, and I'm wondering if there might be other information AW is getting via AMON.

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